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About Me

Itamar Katz is an Israeli-American graphic designer and illustrator who is currently based in New York City. 

As a graduate of one of the top design schools in Israel (Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem), and with more than a decade of experience as both an independent designer and a member of several design teams, Itamar is experienced in many different disciplines and media including print, web and broadcast graphics, and is always looking for the next technology and the next project to challenge him. He can cooperate with other designers as well as take the lead and bring your project throughout the entire production process, from conception to finalization.

In addition to his work as a graphic designer Itamar is also a skilled illustrator in various techniques, both digital and classical, and a graduate of the Thelma Yellin high school of fine arts. He also creates comics and graphic novels, including the long running webcomic Theatrics, and had received a commendation at the 2003 'Legends' short graphic story competition in Modi'in, Israel.



You can reach Itamar Katz at his email: itamarktz@gmail.com